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Higher productivity. Better customer satisfaction. Enhancedsafety and security. These are the three main benefitsyou get if your organization responds quickly and smartly to unplanned events—rush orders, technical failures, accidents and emergencies.

Ascom enterprise solutions ensure key mobile people receive time-critical information directly to their smartphones or mobile devices (as speech, text, alarms, data) from colleagues, machines and systems. They can retrieve or automatically receive critical values, and share them with workmates and external responders. Ascom enterprise solutions integrate with your existing ICT resources and infrastructures; with facility management and security systems, with production controls and equipment, with telephony and alarm systems, with wired and wireless devices, with business and accounting systems.

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Closing digital information gaps anytime and anywhere

  • Customised Enterprise Solutions
  • Designed to improve operations and financial performance
  • Delivering optimised digital workflows from retailer outlets to hotels to factories

Solution Architecture

ASCOM in Industry 4.0

  • We close digital information gaps to workers on the shop floor or maintenance personnel
  • We make information available to mobile workers
  • We coordinate and prioritize manual intervention for machines and robots
  • We prevent unnecessary tours through the factory
  • We leverage our long-term experience in industry projects
  • We increase the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectivity)