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On average we can help your company save in more ways than one, be it productivity efficiencies, improved sales turnaround times, or profitability improvement, by ensuring best practices are followed, streamlining workflows and no repetition or rework.

We have built up knowledge and industry experience through various leading global technology partners and several successful, proven track record implementations. Our role in supporting change is what sets us apart.

We have a long record of successfully overcoming challenges at a number of clients, across various industries.

We have a long record of successfully overcoming challenges at a number of clients, across various industries. This uniquely positions us to provide you and your workforce with a customised solution that is seamless, scalable & constantly connected.

We are one global team


Together with our sister branches across SA - we have 9 locations nationwide and in Mozambique and Namibia

Employees +

Together with our sister branches across SA - we have 75+ passionate and valued Modena Employees

Customers +

Modena OneSolve specialises in
tailored digital solutions.

We focus on increasing the productivity and profitability of clients in the world of manufacturing, process plant, engineering, field asset management procurement and contract/construction management.

We have over 20 years of experience and partner with the best companies to provide optimal solutions. If you believe your company isn’t running at its full optimal potential, or more importantly you believe you need to embark on this ‘evolve’ journey to stay relevant and ready for the future, you need to partner with us.

Modena is here to solve your “why” and bring change within your company. We steer our clients to unlock their optimal potential through innovative solutions and we assist with working through their project delivery challenges. We have partnered with various organisations in the industry for more than 20 years to grow and develop their companies through digital transformation. Our integrated solutions take you through concept, design, execution, closeout and handover.

Did you know that Modena OneSolve is the leading Digital Transformation Specialist company in Gauteng with a team of highly skilled and passionate individuals? We help companies like yours to transition into a Digital Environment, helping your business grow in the right direction. This fits right in with our ‘Evolve’ journey.

We focus on and solve a variety of business challenges that prevent our clients from achieving a digital environment such as human behaviour, processes, communication and IP security and we do this through the implementation of world-class technology and development.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we can guarantee that your company will be another customer success. So, if you are ready to evolve to a Digital Environment, you should consider doing it with the OneSolve Difference in action.

Meet the team

Modena OneSolve is a well-established company with a dynamic team capable of taking your company to the next level in the business world. With many years in the industry, Modena OneSolve can help you evolve and transform your company and secure your future in your industry.

Tanya Modena

Gareth Modena

Customer Success Team


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