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Higher productivity. Better customer satisfaction. Enhancedsafety and security. These are the three main benefitsyou get if your organization responds quickly and smartly to unplanned events—rush orders, technical failures, accidents and emergencies.

Ascom enterprise solutions ensure key mobile people receive time-critical information directly to their smartphones or mobile devices (as speech, text, alarms, data) from colleagues, machines and systems. They can retrieve or automatically receive critical values, and share them with workmates and external responders. Ascom enterprise solutions integrate with your existing ICT resources and infrastructures; with facility management and security systems, with production controls and equipment, with telephony and alarm systems, with wired and wireless devices, with business and accounting systems.

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Ensure quick responses in critical situations, helping to secure maximum equipment uptime, reduced production losses and lower risk levels for personnel, property and the environment.



Each solution is unique—customized to your organization’s specific infrastructure, legacy systems,and plans for future growth. Maintenance, too, is customizable. Service agreements can be tailored to match present needs and future plans



Correctional and detention facilities. Security guards. Accidents and technical emergencies. Secure hospital units. Lone workers. Hazardous environments.


For decades Ascom has developed safety and security solutions for some of the most challenging workplaces imaginable.



Ensuring alerts from your hotel’s critical equipment and systems go directly to technicians’ handsets or smartphones takes some expertise—and some advanced software
and hardware.


Fortunately, Ascom offers all three, and has years of experience devisingsolutions for every type and size of hotel and leisure facility

Productivity. Safety. Customer satisfaction.


3 key benefits from one solutions platform.

Ensuring alerts from your hotel’s critical equipment and systems go directly to technicians’ handsets or smartphones takes some expertise—and some advanced software
and hardware.


Fortunately, Ascom offers all three, and has years of experience devisingsolutions for every type and size of hotel and leisure facility

Enhanced Safety. 

Ascom has decades of experience developing customized accident and safety solutions for the industry, retail, hospi-tality and secure establishments.


The specifics of each solu- tion may vary, but the underlying aim remains the same:

the swift delivery of clear alerts and messages from people and equipment to designated recipients.

Increased  Customer Satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction depends on multiple factors. Production, order processing, personnel, supplies and budgets—each area has its special communication needs.


Then there are the front-end factors that are especially important in retail and hospitality. Guests, for instance, have zero patience for faulty lifts and slow service.


As one of

the world’s largest mobile on-site information specialists, Ascom has solutions for virtually every enterprise communi- cation challenge.

Improved Productivity. 

Ascom enterprise solutions enable staff and systems toreact quickly with appropriate actions to unplanned events.


Messages and alerts are filtered: the right messages go inthe right format to the right recipient at the right time.


Overtime, these incremental improvements will benefit your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)—minimizing availa-bility, performance and quality losses.

Which technology is best?

The answer depends on the nature of your enterprise,
the functions you want, and the extent of integration with existing systems and infrastructures. But an Ascom enter- prise solution typically comprises infrastructure, Ascom Unite software, and mobile devices such as the Ascom Myco smartphone or Ascom DECT and Wi-Fi handsets.

Ascom solutions are technology agnostic, vendor-neutral and future-ready. Examples of the independent technologies we employ are DECT, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and on-site paging.
In short, we can extend the working life of virtually any existing communication infrastructure.

Want to learn more about the benefits of an Ascom solution for your organization?



Working to Keep Things Working

Industry 4.0 refers to the transformation in manufacturing and industrial productivity made possible by advanced digital connectivity. In short: people, machines and process- es connect and interact—with sensors and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) continuously collecting and analyzing data from multiple points in a facility in order to optimize decisions and signal pre-emptive interventions. The end result? Maximum equipment availability, per- formance, and product quality, which combine to deliver

an improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

An Ascom solution helps ensure the delivery of such datato designated staff. Moreover, feedback is continuouslyrouted back to the MES, helping to improve your organiza- tion’s knowledge base of incidents and their resolutions.

Enabling the

Industry 4.0 Revolution

Filtered and prioritized communications can speed up re- sponses to disturbances that might otherwise stop or slow production, or cause defective products. Designated staffreceive alerts and/or messages to their smartphones orhandheld devices. Messages are routed along pre-definedchains until there is an acknowledged response.


Clear information helps staff take the best possible actions.They can request further information. They can access
and control critical equipment (close a valve, open a pump), and communicate with colleagues one-on-one or in conference calls. They can communicate in noisy, dusty, wet, hazardous or explosive environments.


Production Losses

Context-rich communications encourage staff to use their full abilities. Being able to share information simplifies dele-gation, and accelerates decision-making and feedback. Personnel are better equipped to predict, think, take the initiative and cooperate. An Ascom solution can help fostera team spirit among staff. Information is easily shared among all team members. No one need be left out of the flow ofinformation.


Made Mobile

Ascom systems support all industrial processes and depart- ments. Whatever your existing communications infrastructure, we can devise a solution to transfer time-critical information between personnel and processes in order processing, materials supply, scheduling, production, quality control, maintenance, security and building services.

Ascom has to date integrated more than 20,000 industrial communication systems in Europe and North America.
We specialize in erasing boundaries between different tech-nologies and legacy systems—letting you extract maximum value from your existing resources.

Customise &


OEE refers to the overall performance of a single piece of equipment or even of an entire factory. It is a measure thatembraces and quantifies all losses to good-quality outputthat can occur in a process. Losses are grouped into three categories: (1) Availability losses (downtime), (2) Performance losses (speed losses), and (3) Quality losses (rejects, rework). These measurements are multiplied in order to establish overall performance.

* OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)



From High Street to Hypermart

As a delivery vehicle nears a store/warehouse, it sends a notifi-cation email to the destination. The notice is distributed to mobile workers at the destination who receive it on their smart-phones or mobile devices. Staff can now prepare for the vehi- cle’s arrival and be ready to start unloading as soon as it arrives

Goods Delivery Notification Systems

The Ascom Checkout Communication Solution helps ensure
a fast checkout and excellent customer service. A dedicated Ascom handset—or an application within the Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) terminal—lets the checkout operator summon assistance directly from designated responders. For instance: restricted product authorizations go to supervisors; replace- ment product requests go to runners; security alerts go directly to security guards. These alerts can be data-only orspeech-enabled—providing the highest degree of flexibilitywhen conveying the actual requirement. The resulting swift responses to problems or queries help provide the best possible customer service and customer loyalty rate.

Checkout Communication Solution

Product withdrawals are a fact of retail life. But with the right communications solution, it’s possible to minimize their im- pact—while still acting promptly to ensure safety. Ascom AlertTrac is such a solution. A function within our Ascom Unitesoftware, it lets one person send alert texts to any definedwireless device/handset/smartphone in the Unite system.Ascom AlertTrac gives your Head Office complete control ofthe withdrawal process, eliminating ad-hoc and inconsistent responses:

Central HQ decides to issue a Product Withdrawal Request (PWR)

HQ assigns a priority level and mandatory response/ acknowledgment times to the PWR and releases it to pre-defined areas (national, regional, local, and so on)

HQ can manage a PWR according to various parameters: alter a PWR’s priority, change the list of recipients, escalatethe PWR to different management levels, liaise and cooperatewith external actors (media, consultants, etc.)

Product Withdrawal Requests

In retail, one technical glitch can threaten actual and corporate health. A single malfunctioning refrigerator, for example, can have serious health and safety implications. While a technical issue such as excessive energy con- sumption can be a sign of deeper underlying problems.

Your technical alerts solution can be tailored to include virtually any functionality—with alerts going directly to managers’ and technicians’ smartphones or handsets.

Examples of capabilities:

  • Control lifts, doors, fans, pumps


  • Status checks (temperatures, fans)

  • Talk to colleagues—one-on-one or in secure conference calls


  • Log all events for future analysis and continuous improvement measures

Many of our technical, utilities and infrastructure solutionsuse remote monitoring. This lets staff focus on core tasks,while monitoring and telemetry systems keep a 24/7 eye on critical values and parameters, ready to transmit alertsshould deviations go beyond pre-defined levels.

Remote Technical and Infrastructure Alarms

The Ascom click-and-collect solution helps ensure smooth,hassle-free order fulfillment and delivery at stores and/orcollection points. Once on site to collect their purchases,customers’ order data is sent to pre-defined staff members’ handsets/smartphones. Message-confirmation and-redirection functions help guarantee speedy deliveries—while ensuring staff remain mobile and available for other tasks.




Ensuring Help is

Always at Hand

Workplaces and industrial facilities are certainly safer than they were even a decade ago. A large part of this improvement is due to wireless on-site communications—an area in which Ascom is a recognized world leader. In fact, Ascom safety solutions are hard at work in virtually every sector and industry, and encompass everything from infrastructure and software to handsets, remote monitoring and tailor-made service agreements.


Ascom safety solutions fall into several broad categories:

Danger Never

Sleeps Neither Does An

Ascom Safety Solution

  • For lone-workers in diverse industries and environments such as large power plants, secure facilities, remote loca- tions, etc. These solutions typically include: ‘Man down’ and ‘no movement’ functionalities, where an inactive or suddenly tilted handset sends alerts to designated recipients.

  • We use the latest location technologies (LF, IR, DECT location, wi-fi) to provide accurate handset locations. Knowing the point of origin of a personnel alarm can give responders critical extra seconds and minutes.


  • Advanced voice functionality includes a discrete voice channel. In a threatening situation the user simply pushes a button to establish a secure voice link to responders. The handset does not indicate that a channel has been opened. Responders can listen in on the channel as they approach the handset’s location.

  • Logging of events and actions taken. Provides a solid basis for continuously improving processes and personal safety routines.




Automatic alarms triggered by man-down or no-movement conditions, or by deviations in a guard’s planned route. Alertscan be configured to go to selected colleagues, security staff or external agencies (police, fire service, ambulance, etc.).

  • Precise location function based on RTLS.


  • Can be configured to trigger a ‘soft’ alarm that discreetly sends an alert to pre-defined recipients.


  • Reassuring acknowledgement messages are automati-cally sent to staff who trigger a personal alarm from theirmobile devices.


  • Handsets can feature pull-cords. A personal alarm is automatically triggered should the handset be snatched from its user.


  • Unanswered alerts are automatically re-directed to desig- nated responders.


  • Can include access-control functionality. NFC and barcode scanning capabilities in the Ascom Myco smart phone mean it can be used to access restricted zones.



Security Staff

Fires. Gas and chemical leaks. Stalled escalators. Burst water pipes. Jammed doors. No matter the nature of an emergency or technical failure, an Ascom solution enables a timely response to help prevent it escalating into a major event.

  • Alerts automatically sent to mobile technical andemergency response staff.


  • Critical information can also be sent directly to recipients’handsets: a building’s energy consumption, air flows in a ventilation system, water flow in heating and cooling circuits.

  •  Mobile technicians and emergency responders can remotely control lifts, doors, pumps and fans from their handsets


  • Seamless integration with a facility’s Building Manage- ment System is available.


  • Users’ handsets can receive status updates on key values such as pressures and temperatures.

Solutions For

Emergencies +

Technical Alarms



Keep guests happy.

Keep them coming back.

The hospitality industry is a dynamic sector, with record

numbers visiting more and more locations—and expecting ever-higher service levels and in-house experiences.

But this dynamism is often not reflected in conventional onsite communications.


Mobility is often underexploited,  with staff bound to desks and monitors. Communication systems are often strictly

separated: cleaning and chambermaid services are separated from technical systems, which in turn are separated from room-service and security systems. And the hospitality sector as a whole is slow to exploit exciting value-adding

innovations such as tracking luggage with Near Field

Communication (NFC).

Ascom is committed to expanding the availability of valueadding, on-site communications for the hospitality industry—

especially by harnessing the power of directing filtered

messages and alerts to specific recipients’ mobile devices.

Here are three examples:

Beyond room service and housekeeping

When a guest checks out, a ‘clean the room’ message is automatically sent to housekeeping.


Supervisors can monitor the progress of open tasks, and receive confirmation upon completion.

Smoother Housekeeping

Guest requests can go directly to an employee’s smartphone/mobile device, or to their supervisors who can assign and manage the requests.

More Responsive Guest Services

Fire, window and door alarms go directly to designated staff.

Such targeted communications can save crucial time—and make it easier to contain a problem before it escalates.

Tracking functionality helps responders quickly locate the source of alerts.

Pre-Emptive Action

Hotels and other hospitality venues (multiplexes, amusement

parks, arenas, etc.) are by their very nature physically

complex. Labyrinthine layouts, underground carparks,

sprawling footprints—these are just some of the factors

that make it challenging to devise reliable communications



To meet these challenges, we often combine

various technologies such as DECT, Wi-Fi, paging and 3G/4G

in order to achieve full coverage with built-in redundancies.

Here, there, everywhere