OneSolve is proud to announce our E2 Shoptech partnership

We are officially the one and only partner for E2 Shoptech - Manufacturing ERP Solutions in South Africa

Whatever your size, we’ve got you covered.

No shop is TOO SMALL for our BIG RESULTS

Flexible & Modular to Meet Your Needs

Accuracy is the key element in ensuring profitability.

The E2 Shop System takes the uncertainty out of estimating by utilising pre-set rates for:

• Burden Rate

• Labor Rate

• Quantity Breaks

• Set-up Time (Up to 10 Different Rates Available)

• Run/Cycle Time (Up to 10 Different Rates Available)

• Outside Services

• Sales Commissions

Whether the shop needs raw materials or finished goods, the E2 Shop System handles inventory and purchasing in a snap. Each part or material number can be stored alpha, numeric, or with special characters.

In addition, each inventoried item can be stored in multiple bin or lot locations. When inventoried items are allocated to a job or finished goods are sold from inventory, the E2 Shop System stores the history of where the raw materials or finished parts were pulled from. This eliminates the guesswork when quality control becomes an issue. “Point and Click” convenience generates a Purchase Order with ease. Shopping around for the best prices is also made simple by issuing an RFQ to a variety of vendors to determine the best price.

Our Scheduling Whiteboard, which is accessed through our “Quick View” feature, allows users to view a snapshot of machine availability in a matter of seconds.

On-line, real-time monitoring capabilities provide up to the minute status of:

• Which machines are occupied

• Which machines are idle

• Which machines will be needed to finish parts already in production

The E2 Shop System is so flexible that time tracking can be done in three different ways:

• Manual data entry from timecards

• Touch Screen data collection

• Time Clock data collection


In order to manually record time information, users may use the time and attendance feature built into the E2 Shop System to record clock-ins and clockouts for daily attendance.

E2 Quality is a fully integrated quality system that manages specific areas of engineering and supply-chain activities for the sole purpose of improving business performance and profitability.

The E2 Quality Module addresses quality assurance and activities with regards to customers, vendors, employees, work centers, tooling, and document numbering and control.


• Effective quality management supports business growth and improves customer satisfaction

• Easily collect, control, and analyze quality data

• Reduce production costs by identifying quality problems earlier in the production process

• Maintain consistent workflow from engineering through final delivery to the customer

• Identify and control possible problems before they affect due dates or quality ratings

• Share quality information and encourage team collaboration

• Cut down on reworks and returns

• Schedule and track all preventative maintenance

Rapid Documentation System

An additional option with the Quality Module is the Rapid Documentation System. The Rapid Documentation System provides all documents required to implement a Quality Management System fully integrated with the E2 Shop System. Ask your sales representative for more information!

You’ve completed a job and shipped it to your customer. Better yet, a new customer wants you to make a similar part that you made for another customer three weeks ago. Are you making a reasonable profit? The answer to that question is only a click away with the E2 Shop System.

Within seconds, the E2 Shop System can display:

• Billing Rate Summary

• Estimated vs. Actual Summary• Work-in-Process Summary

• Cross Reference Part Descriptions

• Margin Summary

• Outside Job Cost Summary

Finished parts ready for shipping are detailed on a delivery ticket that includes:

• Quantity Ordered

• Quantity Shipped

• Back-order Quantities

• Shipping & Billing Addresses

• Purchase Order Numbers

• Carrier • F.O.B. Point

• Complete Bill of Lading

The E2 Shop System is designed to display all line items that are being shipped.

Furthermore, users can even cancel item quantities at the time of shipping. This eliminates the problem of having inert open orders in your system and is especially useful when customers have specified a +/- tolerance in shipping quantity

Each E2 Shop System includes a complete and comprehensive accounting system specifically designed for job shops.

However, our developers have ensured that all accounting functions within the system are based on Generally Accepted Accounting Practices. The accounting system includes:

• Accounts Receivable

• Accounts Payable

• General Ledger

• Check Writing

• Payroll Interface