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Gareth Modena

The cliché goes ‘Behind every great man stands a woman’.

In this case, the opposite is true. Alongside Tanya, supporting her as the MD of Modena OneSolve, is Gareth Modena. Not only is Gareth a husband and doting father, he is also the glue that holds the business together from an infrastructure and technical point of view. Few businesses have an asset, like Gareth, who can understand the customer’s needs, processes and business from a technical point of view but is also able to articulate that into a sales and business process. 

Modena Onesolve has this skill in Gareth, which is a fundamental aspect that differentiates us from other businesses. Gareth also has the ability to see technical challenges before anyone else, and can provide a quick and agile solution that aligns with the customers’ needs and business processes.

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