Transmittal Reporting – you asked for it, we have it!
DocuTrans™ creates an audit able trail that manages the flow of information/correspondence of vaulted digital media in an intuitive and easy to use way, increasing employee’s efficiency and improving overall security while minimising liability and rework.
Transmittal notes are automatically generated, Improve consistency, productivity and eliminate errors associated with manual transmittal creation. Integrated reports that include activities related to transmittals, including which documents were sent, when, and to whom. Automate the internal and external documentation transmittal business processes.
Available in Annual, and 3-yr Term Subscriptions.
License is not user-based i.e. 1 license per site (various site size packages)
OneSolve Docutrans Features
  • Create and Edit Transmittal
  • Attach Revisioned Files
  • Unique Tracking ID
  • Re-issue Transmittal
  • Global Administrator
  • View transmittal Lifecycle
  • Standard and/or Customised Purpose List
  • Sort transmitted files by business process

Using OneSolve DocuTrans™, you can simply select the design data and documents to be included in the Transmittal package.

OneSolve DocuTrans™ can be configured to extract property information

OneSolve Docutrans setup

OneSolve DocuTrans™

Pricing Table Plan


1-5 user site
Available in Annual or 3-year Subscription

1Yr – R18 315,00 excl vat

1Yr – R18 315,00 excl vat


6-20 user site
Available in Annual or 3-year Subscription

1Yr – R54 350,00 excl vat

3Yr – R146 745,00 excl vat


21+ user site
Available in Annual or 3-year Subscription

1Yr – R68 150,00 excl vat

3Yr – R184 005,00 excl vat