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Manufacturing companies are experiencing significant growth and many of them are looking for a better way to streamline their supply chain processes. In this article, we highlight how Autodesk Upchain can help drive the flow of your manufacturing process.

What is Autodesk Upchain?

Upchain is a cloud-based solution that combines both product data management and product lifecycle management, CAD capabilities and other lifecycle management capabilities.

By using Upchain, more manufacturing businesses are confident that their teams of engineers have access to all the information that they possibly need.

With Autodesk Upchain, employees are able to have their own personal dashboard in which they have access to information about their projects and an eBOM (Electronic Bill of Materials) for each part of their project. External companies only have limited access to specific communication tools for only the parts that are needed, so they do not have access to the full project.

Easy access to accurate information

Hunting for information can be a tedious and time-consuming task. With Upchain, your hunt is finally over. Below we have listed some of the highlights of Autodesk Upchain and how it can benefit your employees and save them time.

  • 3D Views where you can measure distance and angles, take cross sections and more.
  • Business processes – This allows for one to see if there have been any quality issues or if someone has put through a request for changes
  • You are able to compare the two versions of BOM’s and 3D Models.
  • Determine the implications of changes that are made
  • The system allows for a detailed history to track all details of a project

Autodesk Upchain offers many more benefits and highlights but the above are just a few we thought we’d mention.

Flawless communication with your suppliers

Communication with your suppliers is the key to a fluid business transaction. Autodesk Upchai makes the process extremely simple to communicate flawlessly with your suppliers. For example, if you need to request a quote for a part, simply select the part in the eBOM system and start an investigation request. After this a pre-populated template will have, the details of the part, a 3D image of the part and dropdown menus with workflow and communication types.

When your supplier receives the email, they will also receive a link to a page that contains product information, 3D imagery and a form to fill out with any necessary details such as part number, quantity and price.


In order for your manufacturing company to remove all roadblocks within your supply chain, Modena OneSolve recommends that you choose Autodesk Upchain. It is proven to create efficiency and collaboration across all your internal departments and even with your suppliers.

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